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A developer, learning in public.

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My two greatest passions in life are programming and teaching others. In March 2021 I even left my full-time job to focus on making content.

I'm on a mission to build the life I want while helping & empowering other developers at the same time.

Through my content I hope to help you develop your skills as an engineer, and to show you how to take full advantage of them to build the career and life you want.

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β€œThank you for your high quality lectures. Looking forward to the upcoming videos.”
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β€œNice video, it really makes the case for using recoil! Great Job!”
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β€œHi, Jacques, finished watching your videos and I would like to say it's amazing.”
β€” MarcΓ£o
β€œVery impressed with @jacques_codes series on YT.”
β€” Eric
β€œEasiest Recoil video I've seen! ... Thanks to your video I suddenly understand half of it already!”
β€” Jebble

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